• “I have been greatly helped by Shaun. He explains things to me and is always polite and kind. The exercises have helped decrease my pain in my left hip!”
  • “Jorge Torres! Wow you’re awesome! Jorge always treated me with kindness and very caring when handling me. Thank you thank you! The exercises are really helping. He made a comment about getting outdoors and feeling the sunshine and nature. He doesn’t that I was battling depression and taking up his advice has helped me live a healthier life. Thank you always and I’m grateful for the help provided -JP”
  • “My name is Kaci Masuda and I am currently attending UH Manoa to play golf. I have been golfing for most of my life but never exercised or trained to prepare myself for tournaments until a little over a year ago with CORE Sports. As a junior golfer back in high school, I had the opportunity to compete against college girls. It was obvious that these girls had more physical endurance. Even the local girls I had been playing with from a young age, who entered most of the same tournaments, seemed to be stepping up their game as well. I realized that if I wanted to play collegiate golf I needed to get ahead right away and start preparing. Walking for 4-5 hours straight, carrying a bag of clubs along with balls and ranger, and also staying on your “A-game”, can be tiring. Luckily a friend of mine, who also golfed alongside me, recommended that I check out CORE Sports. I asked her because I had seen a major improvement in her game and physical appearance. So it made me curious to find out what helped her get into shape. I finally made an appointment to see Coach Dana and I knew I was in good hands. The thing I love about this program is how well they take care of their patients/clients. Before they put together a special workout for you, they assess your physical ability and strength. The workouts are perfect; not too easy, not too hard. For me, we worked on upper and lower body strength of course, but Coach Dana targeted the weaker areas and evened them out with the stronger areas. We also worked on balance, not because I couldn’t balance, but because it’s essential for everyone to have proper body coordination without always relying on your eyes. I believe this helped me a lot with golf. During workouts she pushed me enough to feel the burn, but like I said you’re in good hands. Safety is their priority.”